Lyrics of Ndi steady by The mith|

Ndi steady by The mith

Life knocking me down, but you will see me smile
No need to think about it, homie I’ll tell you why
Ndi Steady. Boss Ndi Steady. Ndi Steady. Boss, Ndi Steady
I don’t have a cent on me, but I’m looking fly
My gas tank on E, but I’m ready to ride
Ndi Steady. Boss, Ndi Steady. Ndi Steady. Boss, Ndi Steady
Verse 1:
Ndi steady, Ndi steady
I’m So UG tees, Ndi ready
Earned everything you’ve seen the boy getting
Coz I stay on my grind and receive the Lord’s blessings
Best believe there’s no resting
‘till I’m gone or I’m received in all sections
I repeat there’s no resting/ I got goals I must achieve in all sessions
So keep talking, I’ll keep grinding
Watch me get it all in perfect timing
None of them came close or could out rhyme him
Been all about my Bars, like I owned asylum
The flyest 1
Crossing over to success, no Iverson
Where I am from
I’m always striving for more/
Like Omwony on the court/
You know the boy moving forward.
Family/ Check
My boys/ Check
My girls/ Check
Man, I don’t need the rest (x3)
Verse 2:
Ndi steady, Ndi steady
I roll with the K.U.T/ tuli ready
Who would’ve thought, at a younger age/
The words we wrote on a VISA page/
Would get us through our trouble days?!
The hustle pays, and a skill set too/
That’s why I’m never threatened by talks of who’s the next dude
My catalog’s impeccable what could you tell dude?
Only competition is myself, the rest I’ll get through
And while I make moves/ they stay hating
They say they’re in the building/ but it stay vacant
Me and my team stay suited up/ we’re so Made Men
The Don/ got MoHits than a Mavin
I slay all these tracks
You ain’t saying sh*t/ I say more on tracks
I say more with facts/
The Dopest in the game/ you can bet all on that
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