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Roja maloboozi

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Artist Biography

Roja maloboozi is a person who was born in the year 1997, 24th May. His is a born again christian. He started music in a church choir called light Africa children's choir which was renamed as Amani children's choir in a church called Kampala community church located in Kampala, Rubaga division. For about 5 yrs later, he joined A-level education where he started recording gospel songs. He started with a song called #'Tolinvaamu' which was a collaboration with his first producer called Imo rash. He later Recorded a song called #'Bimusseeko', still in gospel music. In 2015, he Made a collaboration with Two lugaflow artists, Survivor and Vibrator. This song is called #'Number emu' but a secular song. He created a dance group called Rfb Entertainment which gave him a name promota rodgers. This group was successful in all its perfomances. Below are some of the videos that where shoot when Rfb entertainment and rodger Maloboozi was perfoming. In 2016, #Rodger Maloboozi recorded a single called Naaki, which increased the level of fans around Kampala and nearby.After that hitting song, he released another collaboration with Survivor and Vibrator.​

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Roja Maloboozi ft Gideon Tdjakes

Rodger Maloboozi

Rodger Maloboozi

Rodger Maloboozi
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