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Artist Biography
NwAYA real names Clark Ivan Niwamanya, born on the 31 Jan 1994, and 
His music background starts way back from the hood, school choir and later polished by research and personal study. 
NwAYA' s music is mostly inspired by African sounds.
Besides the fact that he did music at quite an early age, NwAYA released his first song in 2015 titled Njabala, a love sensition piece with a great groove of African percussion and feel. 
It was a collective effort done by Lafitte Beatz, NwAYA & Dickson Nahurira.
The song was received by many people and many critics as well appreciated the state of art & poetry portrayed in the song. 
NwAYA has ever since been releasing music back to back and early 2018 he released his first ever Album titled Realest with songs like Unstoppable, For the Record, and many more.
NwAYA is a Producer, singer, writer,  actor and founder of OTCB Entertainment Company. 
Looking forward to speak his mind to the world through music.
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