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Artist Biography

music is what feelings sound like" kemishan.
Kemishan has always loved music straight from his humble beginning of life, Real names " Lukwiya Mark", born 06/10/1986 in kampala, Uganda.

Though the whole world is Home, Kemishan's inspiration comes from higher grounds. In 2005, he found dancehall and reggea very motivating for his career as a Musician and Music Artist, this music is here to kick up the bass and burn up the place, so his music is talking on behalf of all dancehall and reggea.

He developed his skills by hanging at studios, making dubs,deejaying, mixtapes, acouple of singles, performing at events, parties, shows and concerts, Also trying to adopt patois and listening to alot of music, Jamaican dancehall and reggea music to be specific. Eversince he picked up the mic, kemishan has never turned back.

Through the years, he has been up and down, through various studios, Valleycurve, Blackhole, Osmond, Buddies, Gert num, Urban Aksent and released various songs with various producers, Branton, Andy music, Dreign, Dweezy and Lawraid vybz, including Video’s directed and edited by GrateMake films.
In febuary 2010, Kemishan got his first record deal in his career with Osmond records where he releases his first single "Melisa", which is the first of a series of undeniable dancehall Reggae smash hits rocking the whole world today, off his first album " for the ladies" AKA “GYALIS” which is due to be released later this year. Currently working with Buddies music but under “Dancehall Connect”, a german based Entertainment Label, Kemishan is flawless.

Alongside other associated acts, kemishan has done hot tracks like "your body"ft Recoda, "ndi wuwo"ft Elah, "rock the city"ft Nutty, Elah, "sinado" ft Osmond allstarts, "zagazou"ft Gizzard, Nutty, "battalion anthem"ft Gen' mega dee and the last battalion, "ay u", "jah you alone", "sitaki"ft Elah, "murderer"ft urban aksent music, "take over"ft Lethal,Voke,Rugged, "zumzum"ft Don mc,Brian Avie, "move yuh body" ,”More” with Flex D’paper, “Babylon a Burn”, “Party RedHot ft Otrix,”Take it Easy ft Andymuzic, “who we Are ft Amanda, Bigtrill, “Nuh stop pray ft Bigtrill, “All eyes On you with Buke Italiano, “Ohhhh Yeah”, “wine Me”, Quint it”, “Lord Have Mercy” ft Lyrical G, NuttyBOI”, “Only you” , “Give it to me ft JhayEfekt” and ”Addicted ft Bigtrill, Flex D’paper”, “ExGirlfriend”, “JahLove ft Shiela Way” which came out early this year.

This has given Kemishan an established solid base as an artist, musician, song writer, deejay and music composer.
"In life, if you don't work hard and dirty, you won't get nowhere, so our cup is full" Sean Paul.

Looking up to his fans, friends, artists he has worked with and those his yet to work with, the talent and energy all over the world that keeps him inspired, his associates, NOT FORGETTING THE MOST HIGH JAH WHO PAVES FOR HIM THE WAY IN HIS LIFE and his family with faith he will keep on moving [MOVIN FYAH]. Working hard on New projects, planning, praying, helping out were necessary and making awesome music to hit record breaking air play in East Africa and the world at large, whether on radio, television, media publications and various social network sites, music and entertainment sites like and Urbanhype.Net, with a success of stage performance and team work efforts, as one we shall reach higher heights.

As a spiritual and Religious artist, Kemishan's music is all about creating chemistry which comes with joy and happiness with heights, speaking to the people, trying to change what needs to be changed, talking to ones soul, giving advice and guidance and being at peace with one another. No Injustice, No Corruption, No Jealousy, No Envy, No Racism, ONLY LOVE. It’s been an Awesome journey so far, filled with New and Promising encounters, it’s also challenging but he loves what he's doing so it makes it that much easier.

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