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Jackie Chandiru

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Artist Biography

Jackie Chandiru a.k.a Jackie is one of Uganda’s leading female R’n’B artists and vocalists. Jackie kicked off her musical career in 2004 after she emerged as one of the winners for the Coca Cola Pop stars. This led to formation of the Blu 3 which became one of the leading girl groups in Africa. In 2010 Blu 3 went on leave thus leading to the girls working on solo projects. In mid 2010, Jackie released her first single Agassi in both Lugbara (her native language) and English. This song has earned recognition in as a solo artist and earned her an award Best r’n’b single in the just ended Diva awards. She has continued to release songs like Goin’ On ft Jose Chameleone, Gwoyagala ft Rabadaba, Overdose, For all time ft Sami from Eritrea, Bakusigula, Agassi, Stand Together ft Paul Mutebi of Limit X, Baazi Yo, Wind it Up ft Navio and Fidempa and so much more. She has worked with producers like Goodenuff Records, Swangz Ave, Paddy Man from Dream studios, Hanz from Hanz Production and Charlie King. 
Jackie is amongst few Ugandan musicians to have broken out of the local music scene and made an impact on the African music scene. Their music can be heard on Radio across Africa and their trendy high budget videos have enjoyed extensive airplay on major African networks MTV Base, Channel O and East African Television.

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