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Eddy Kenzo

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Artist Biography

 Musuuza Edrisa aka Eddy Kenzo, is among the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artistes around East Africa and was born in Masaka (Uganda).

 Eddy Kenzo lost his mother at the age of 5yrs that’s why he didn’t have enough education because he lost the mom when in primary one and he stopped school for that moment, at 7yrs Eddy Kenzo begun hustling on his own as a street kid, he stayed on streets for 13yrs. During those 13yrs, he got a Samaritan who helped him for one year at Kazo Primary (Nyabushozi, Mbarara District), due to some problems the Samaritan faced he was not able to proceed with studies. He went back to Masaka as a street kid where he then came to Kampala Nakivubo streets selling soda and water in Old taxi park and Nakivubo stadium during matches and other events, later alone joined Jjogo Yang under16 SC Villa as a footballer and Villa referred him to Lubiri S S for further studies as a junior footballer on bursary, he was always an active member of his school’s soccer team.

 After his high school, KENZO as his new stage name and a passion for making music with the God-given talent, he got into the studio to hone his craft in 2007.He continued to develop both as a Singer and Songwriter by working with some of Uganda’s biggest Music personalities in the industry. Over the next few years his talent as a Singer, Songwriter and performer Eddy Kenzo became evident after his breakthrough in 2008 with “Yanimba” song featuring Mikie Wine.

 2010 would prove to be Kenzo’s break-out year with his song “STAMINA (Kabuna mawanga)” on the talk. Stamina drew major attention from music fans over his distinct voice, singing style, dances and penchant for great songwriting which even attracted the President of Uganda (Yoweri Museveni) to use it as his theme song during His Presidential campaigns of 2011-2012.

 Since then his extremely good talent has set him as one of the top East African artistes. He has a number of great songs which have hit in clubs, radios, TVs and he is the only artist [EDDY KENZO] who has made the President of Uganda, ministers, MPs and all East Africans dance to his tune STAMINA.

 Talking about album launches, EDDY KENZO has always been successful, he is one of the best performers in East Africa, he had the first album launch of his career in June of 2009 and it was a success, he didn’t stop, he went on with the hardwork and staged his second concert (STAMINA) in August of 2010 which was super successful, OGENDA KUNZISA album launch in July of 2012, then KAMUNGULUZE album launch in October of 2013.

 Today (2014) as a creative artist, Eddy Kenzo has come up with stunning hits among which is his recent viral going single (SITYA LOSS).

 EDDY KENZO keeps on entertaining, inspiring and teaching people through music till date.

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