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Eddie Eddie

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Artist Biography

Eddie Eddie, real names Edwin Odari was born on 23.march 1993 and is an artist from Busia in Eastern Uganda.

He's born to bwire benard a URA Immigrations officer at entebbe and Aguttu FLORENCE[rip] who succumbed to cancer in 2012.

He had his  education from usikho primary sch and Nabumali high school in Mbale and he's currently Single.

He's already making sounds with his first jam ''graduation'' dat will headline his first studio album.The  hot100 music cordinator dj gerro praised graduation en said these are da kinda of rappers dat have bin misssing in da game for a while and given his young age and he is destined to reach great heights,

Eddie Eddie does pace in his hiphop which makes me him the boy to beat..... GRADUATION ALBUM, will comprise tracks such as Destiny, Beat me, Right here, Teresa, and many more dat are all still at their first stages of production, it took him only 40minutes in studio to rhyme graduation, but shit sounds like it had a year of production.


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Eddie Eddie

Eddie Eddie

Eddie Eddie
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