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Assy Prosper

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Artist Biography

I'm called Asiimwe Benjamin by Original names  but use Assy Prosper acting names .I'm a Ugandan artist

I grew up  orphan and was leaving with my mother in mubende district. My mother advised me to join church choir because I had attendance of finding my self singing from that time I joined the choir and in the choir they could choose who to act in drama stages i was choosen i prayed my parts well and i cud make people lough so much.

When i joined secondry i joined choir from SILVERSTEP SSS in kasambya muubende it was adventist private based school and we cud go perfoming in churches whole singing and performing people started asking me to write and record songs but as I finisher form six in a holiday I started teaching in a primary school and they tasked me to handle school choir I had to start writing songs for choir in a short time I had to leave for father education of construction ingineering then I got contact s of producer Bomb recorded for me message and party song in OCM studio then did kimanye song with producer Nicko pan from DEBRO STUDIO.

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Assy Prosper

Assy Prosper

Assy Prosper
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