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Did Comedian, Salvador Idringi Snatch MC Kats’ Girlfriend?

Did Comedian, Salvador Idringi Snatch MC Kats’ Girlfriend?

There’s a common notion that no woman is single; you either snatch him from someone or share with someone. Salvador are you there? 

Moles have gathered that local comedian; Patrick Salvador Idringi is not just talented at cracking ribs. He also knows to win hearts. And to snatch women. In a recent interview with a local tabloid, Salvador, disclosed that his baby mama, Daphne Frankstock was Mc Kats’ girlfriend before he used his jokes to win her over.

He says they met at a local pub. “In 2010, I used to perform at Effendy’s so we had a female friend who used to pimp us with girls. This Wednesday, she told me she had got me a girlfriend. After performing, I drove to Club Rouge; I kept on asking my friend where the girl was. Daphne was standing at the counter, so when she turned asking for money to pay for a drink, I couldn’t put my eyes off her. I asked if she was the one and when they told me that the other was still on her way, I just told her to stop the other and hook me with Daphne. When I tried to find out who she was, I found out she was MC Kat’s girlfriend,” Salvador revealed.

But the comedian says he isn’t the type who backstabs his friends. “I let it go and she also disappeared. After a couple of months, I was on Facebook and I saw the name Daphne among those who had like Kats’ post. I immediately clicked on the name because I had no idea of her second name.  I saw the face and went to her inbox. We had a lengthy chat. In the middle of our chat, she gave some good news that they had split with Kats, so I pursued her again. But I had to confirm from Kats.”


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