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Eachamps one on one with Mugume Canary

Eachamps one on one with Mugume  Canary

1. Who is Mugume canary?

Mugume Canary is a 21 year old, graphics and animation 2nd year student at Global Institute of information and technology. Second last born in a family of 4. Professional Runway and Commercial model, C.E.O | Version 86 Project, C.E.O and Creative Director |FashionRepublique.Net and Host | Channel 44 TV. Creative, very ambitious and hard working person.

2. What was your First goal while you grew up?

I had been an information prefect from s.1 to s.3. Since then, I fell in love with reporting news. My first goal as I grew up, was to be a field journalist, but the situation in which field journalists/news reporters are treated in, made me loose interest. My passion radically changed from journalism to TV presenting. In my secondary, I told myself, I wanted to be a better TV host than the likes of Mckenzie and Maurice Mugisha.

After secondary immediately, I started writing TV scripts and trying to find my way to infront of the cameras. Through patience and persistence, I got there!

3. What was your first achievement?

Becoming a model was my first achievement.

I picked up interest of being a model in my vacation after being told I can make a good model on a test shoot with Buzz Magazine. I went ahead and researched about male modeling and later got signed up by a Kenyan based agency Kat Models. Got trained from there and one month after my training I stepped on the biggest and my first ever Runway in 2013, the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards. That was my best experience ever. Crowd was intimidating and my knees were shaking. But I eventually made it. A year later (2014), I was nominated in the same awards as best male model, the following year (2015) just got nominated in Uganda Entertainment Awards as Best Male Model.

Mugume Canary

4. What drove your success?

My success was driven by;

-Hard work. I tried as much as I can to train and be a good model. Worked on my runway attitude, my walk and poses for pictures.

-Patience. Modeling gigs don’t come in every day. I was patient enough for good things to come to me. I have made runways on several shows and venues, I have made TV adverts e.g Vodafone TVC, Pride Microfinance TVC, etc. I have made radio adverts for Coca Cola and New Fanta fruit flavor, I have made billboards with Boom Boom earphones, Ambition Mission with Mun G, Juliana and Kenzo, etc.

-Persistence. He who is not persistent will never achieve anything. Good things take a while, after a few failures. I haven’t been the type the quits because I failed here and there. I have been persistent till things worked out.

-Discipline. A very important aspect in success. Makes you connections and friends who are willing to give you more and more gigs.

4. What is Version 86 project?

Version 86 Project is a nonprofit organization that looks at lives of young people born after 1986(a year when President of Uganda His Exec Mr.Museveni came into power) up to date. Our Vision is to create sustainable livelihoods among Ugandan youth. We are hoping to achieve this through Mentorship, Sponsorship and Enablement.

5. How did Version 86 project come about?

This project came about the concern of what young people’s lives are up to. I wanted to televise their success stories for motivation and inspiration. The idea later gave birth to mentorship conferences, a TV show and sponsorship seminars. If the youth are the future, then they need to be shown direction or them (youth) and the whole country shall suffer the consequences of their actions.

6. Who can be part of this project?

If you are a 30 years and below you fall under Version 86 by default. Membership is done at our offices. You are given a membership form to fill.

7. Worst Moment ever in your Life

I don’t have a worst moment in life. Everything that has happened to me whether bad or good has only made me stronger and opened my eyes the more.

I just have a weak moment in life and that is when I sit back and wish my father was around. May be I would be 100 times way ahead than I am today.

9. Most Cherished Moment in your Life

Most cherished moments in my life are two.

  1. When I listen to my mother pray for me. Makes me think I will conquer the whole world one day.
  2. The moment I organized a conference and invited the president and he actually came. This was so emotional for me, when I held his hands and gave him an award, I remembered some days back when I had no laptop and would ask my mum money to go to the nearby Internet café so I can write Version 86 script and email it to TV station managers.

With President museveni

With the president of Uganda His Exec Mr.Museveni at Version 86 project conference.


9. What is remain in your to do list you would love to share?

My to do list; I want to change Ugandans’ perspective about Fashion. That’s why I developed Fashion Republique. Ugandans assume a lot, and rush to conclusions. That’s why I want to paint the real image of fashion in their minds, so they can understand and embrace it the more.

10. Favourite artist in East Africa

      Sauti Soul.

11. Define life as you perceive it?

Life is a road. You will find the straight lanes, corners and humps. But if you drive through that road smartly and carefully, everything else is background noise. Corners and humps are meant to make this road interesting; otherwise life would be boring if it wasn’t for a mix up of hatred, envy, jealous, etc.

11. Are you contented or you would wish for a fresh start?

Am not contented yet, what I have done is not even half of the quarter of what I want to do. There is a huge task I have to achieve, there only difference is that, I can see the light at the end of this tunnel already. Neither would I wish for a fresh start, I have no regrets. The experience I have gotten throughout this journey is worth the sweat.

Mugisha with Juliana

With Juliana on the ambition mission photo shot

12. In less than 50 words. Talk about Uganda?

Uganda, my country.

You are growing up so fast. Faster than my new Vodafone’s mifi LTE network.

Oh how I wish your people realize the wealth potential hidden under your palms.

Only if they could peep and see what your future holds for them!

13. Create an imaginary scenario of your happiest moment?

My palms are sweating; I can’t feel my hair anymore. I need water, three bottles of Rwenzori with me. The lights are switched on. I am holding my ipad. Reading through the questions, over and over again. Googling meanings of words written on the script. There is no time left for all of that, some guy comes and fixes a lapel microphone on my shirt, Cameras are rolling, and on my right hand is Pres,Obama patiently waiting for my first question on a CNN interview.


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