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Ntale vs Monica Brown: Who weaved it best?

Ntale vs Monica Brown: Who weaved it best?

Women and copying each other is a common thing that make no news and this is the reason why their trending styles don’t need one to be knowing much about fashion to know them… if its crop-tops, that’s it for everyone and when they change to another style, it’s the same mass movement and this has kinda made life easy for us men. To surprise my girl, I don’t need to study her much, I only need to go to a store and ask for trending stuff n boom “Praises and kisses”. Yah that’s how easy women are.

More Ntale News: here is photos of Irene Flaunting flesh in Vegas

Since the who copied who question doesn’t make sense, I’m sure the best question is who did it best.. if it’s a dress, we got to know “who fits in it best? “And today’s question is simple : Who weaved it best?

Matter of fact is our own Irene Ntale of Bikoola copied Monica Brown but the question is “who looks best with it?” you’ll forgive me if I confuse wig and weave because all in all, am not a babe so I gotta say them the way that seems easy to me.

Ntale’s new style is exactly the same as Monica’s right from look, color, type…everything.

 We just want to know who between the 2 would you give higher grade for the hair style?



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