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St. Nelly sade

St. Nelly sade

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Artist Biography

Born Nsubuga Nelly-sade in 1988.While at school in 2004,he met with a group of friends with whom he formed his first rap group,''th e hiphop Gangstarz'' and they genuinely believed they would find stardom one day.Unfortunately,that felt apart when most of the members decided to change style that hiphop wasn't selling in Uganda.
As he became older,his fascination in hiphop grew stronger. He started looking forwad on how to be the best. His interest in hiphop grew stronger specially inspired by Nas,Scarface,Bataka squad,Juma Nature,Lyrical G and Yung vibes which later became a stepping stone for his success.Before listening to local hiphop artists,he was rapping in english which was'nt sweet in his friend's ears&was always advised to Quit the style.
In 2007,he recorded his first duet,''My Lover'' with A.B Khale which was a hit on local Radio stations in the Eastern Region of Uganda. After discovering what he can do better,he joined hiphop battles in every corner like All school's hiphop&RnB Battles,Hiphop canvas,End of the weak mic challenge Uganda&One on One battles organised in different places of kampala.He also started working with new people&youths at the Bon fire Nights at the National thaetre and attended free style fellowships to improve on his free style skills.
In 2009,he joined Bavubuka all starz to work with his fellow youths&was greatly appreciated by his long time friends& the luga flow hiphop community.They later emerged from the foundation to form a strong platform for their future generation ''the Luga flow Army''.
He established himself as a local hiphop activist who could not be stopped Creating the most legendary pieces of hiphop in Uganda like ''K'akubiddewa'' which later became social Anthems.He is now holding a diploma in Project Planning&Management and has been able to perfom on big stages like Bayimba international festival of the arts,Laba street Art festival,Uganda hiphop summit,in southern sudan,Arusha-Tanzania and in different regions all over east Africa.
He has been able to work on many projects like the hiphop canvas album,Voices initiative Uganda,WAPI,Open mic Night kampala,Ene of the weak Uganda,Spoken Truth and mic stand hiphop night which he started later in 2011.He has worked with talented youths and best emcees all over the country like Babaluku,AB Khale,Cyno MC,Jungle,Burney MC,Ugly MC,etc.
He was inspired by the desire to make the world a better place and the Luga flow hiphop movement in Uganda which is currently keeping him in one position with ''The Luga flow Army'' and GMC Entertainment together with Lyrical G.!!

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