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Renah Nalumansi

Renah Nalumansi

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Artist Biography

Renah Nalumansi was one of the first girls that formed the Dream Girls. That was when the Dream Studios-based group was at its most popular stage with songs like "Weekend". The prob of being in a girl group is that many people ignore individual contribution;
so when Renah stated out on her solo career many thought she was completely new to this business, she has worked very hard and now has a 12 track album "Omukwano Gwo", to her name.

She mainly sings about love although her music comes in a groovy fold. "Omukwano gwo" and "Gumbujja" are some of her better known songs.

Renah has also worked with other artistes: On "Good loving" she features the strong-voiced Dizzy Nuts, but its her duet with Chameleone in "Tebamanyi" that stands out.
She has become a regular feature on corporate and semi- corporate functions.

Renah says she is driven by her love for music. She makes sure that she stays focussed and works very hard to succeed at what she does.

She began with Dream girls but broke away from the group in 2009 and joined Sudi Entertainment.

Renah's most memorable Moment was when she travelled to the U.K with the Dream Gals where the group received a lot of love from their fans there.

She confesses to going to the saloon very often. And she takes piano lessons to help her with her music.

Her worst moment was when she broke her hand on stage at a performance in 2006. She was down for two months.

She describes her style as flexible. Her music has elements of R & B, Dance hall, Afrobeat and has sounds of Kwaito and Zouk.

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