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Nutty Neithan

Nutty Neithan

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Artist Biography

Nutty Neithan was born on may 5th.he never knew he would be a singer coz most of his friends knew him as a dancer mostly. But still music was in him coz since 1997 he used to follow it up. And in 2005,he was in a high school group called NAMS, well it had started performing on school occassions but died out because of dance. Professionally, Nutty started music in 2011 when he sat down and started writing songs. With the help of his first manager who was also managing a dance group called extreme media Uganda limited, Nutty recorded his first song , "Good feeling" in 2012 ; which he recorded with Sweetlah.The first version was done in danger luv riddim. His friends were amused of his talent which gave him more courage.he then recorded "bounce it" at the same studio: D records with producer Katex. at that time he had gone to another dance company called Infinity dance company. The company boss, Maccy then connected Nutty to a friend of hers called who was in a girl-group ,cashe 02. Karole of cashe 02 linked up with Nutty and they decided to do a remix of "bounce it" and it was redone at Goodenuff urban records by frank pyret. Aydee, the owner of goodenuff picked interest in Nutty's talent and decided to be helping him out with his musical career. So in mid 2012 th Bounce it remix video was shot by good eye. it received a lot of respect from the 'big' media people. It was recognised by djays and videographers. Aydee also linked him up tih Uganda's finest hip hop mogul, 'Lyrikal Proof" with whom he recored a massive urban song, "roll with me". Nutty then linked up with Barbi Jay of jahlive and created a group called "skye zone".it was a combination of artistes with different styles . Barbi jay connected Nutty with fidempa after Fidempa checking out his music and liking it. They di a song " the way you wine/breathe like" . Nutty used to chill at jahlive studios. At that time (towards the end of 2012) producer exo joined the jahlive family and to market it he made an allstar track entitled "magic town". larson/kur, an editor at jahlive suggested to exo that Nutty would kill the riddm well .exo went ahead and called Nutty through and he did his thing. Every step Nutty Neithan took kept exposing him more to the industry and earning him more respect . On december 26th, Boxing day, Nutty met with Maro and xavier of vocal police. They saw him performing on stage and liked his style of ragga. apparently Nutty was running with Beta and Jay who were not marketing him well. Maro then approached him and told him to join Vocal police. He gave it time and first went to Aydee for advice. Ayde gave him a go ahead so on february 8th he joined VOCAL POLICE ENTERTAINMENT. They started off with an all star collaboration "im ok" which consists of vocal police and baboon forest entertainment. Nutty has songs like Mbwa gwe(ghetto riddim-katex), mungange makindye (happy time riddim-hannz), original (we mad riddim- analytical alz) ,Ojooga ani, and many more...."MI NUH TAPPIN ANY TYM SOON"

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