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Nadia Rania

Nadia Rania

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Artist Biography
Tendo Diana Juliet AKA Nadia Rania e game changer she was born on 4th March 1997.Nadia went to Kasubi primary school after primary she went to  kasubi secondary school From form one up-to form three then form three second term she went to kibibi Muslims secondary school. 
She liked music from primary up-to secondary  till now. She worked with John Kay e writer helping her towards her vocals then John Kay connected her to other people like Larry chary, Artin pro, John Mary, d others who has helped her push her music
She has asong called "Silyejusa" which was produced  by Artin pro d written by John Kay e writer. Nadia is looking forward to continuing with music till e end Nadia Rania e game changer. One love
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