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Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru

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Artist Biography

Iryn Namubiru, also known as Irene Namubiru  is a female, Ugandan performing artist and was born on 1 January 1981 in Central Uganda. Namubiru attended several educational institutions, including:Bugema Adventist Senior Secondary School in Luweero District,Namasagali College  in Kamuli District,Airways Tourism & Hotel Institute and Stendhal University in Grenoble, France,Cavendish University in Uganda.

While at Namasagali College, Iryn met another current female, Ugandan, performing artist, who was attending the college at the same time; Juliana Kanyomozi and they became friends.
According to Iryn, she has always had a passion for singing since her childhood and always strove to make this talent a bigger part of her life. Her first major attempt at success in the music industry came in 1995 when she joined singers-cum-rapper DJs Ragga Dee and Molar -Messe[disambiguation needed], as the group 'Da Hommies', and Joss Jjew Mawejje as studio arranger keyboardist helping release a series of singles including the group's hits Bamusakata, Mukwano, Mukyala tokaba, early 1995. Her very own first single learn to love also appeared on the group's subsequent album to geat acclaim. Soon after wards, she had her first stage appearance in September 1995.

In 1999, she joined Juliana Kanyomozi, her former school mate at Namasagali College, and together they formed the R&B all-girl group called I-Jay. In 2000, they released their first single which got 'moderate' air play on radio stations in Uganda.

Soon after the release of their record, Iryn left for France and the group disbanded. This break up would later lead to wide speculation that the two separated on unfriendly terms although they both denied such rumours. While in France, she formed the Afro-Soul group Nujeli together with Julien Grout and they released songs like Nsangi, Eko, Ensi and Baami Baffe. But these songs were not successful in Uganda. Later on, Iryn joined forces with singer Bebe Cool in the songs Simbalala and Lwaki Onzannyilako?.

However, Iryn didn't achieve widespread success until 2006 when she released her album Nkuweeki?. This marked the beginning of her fast rise to be one of the best female musicians in Uganda. Since 2006, Iryn Namubiru has released several successful songs like Y'ono, Lwaki, Bonna Obasinga " Begombeko", " Birowoozo", which have earned her several leading awards in the Ugandan music industry. In 2011, Iryn capped her most successful year ever by winning in four categories of the 2011 PAM(Pearl of Africa Music) Awards. She won in the categories of Artist of the year, Female Artist of the year, Album of the year and Best RnB single of the year.

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