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Artist Biography

Cinderella sanyu AKA "Cindy" is a ugandan afro-pop singer and songwriter.She is usually reffered to as Cindy which is her stage name but has come to be called Cinderella sanyu by many in the media.Her debu solo album 'Ayokyayokya'(2009) is still topping charts all over East Africa with hits like Mbikooye and nawewe (2008),Ayokyayokya(2009) and now One and Only (2010).Cindy has won 3 national awards for her solo work and other 3 awards as a member of BLU*3. As a young girl,Cindy never got a chance to sing in her school choir because she was 'tiny' so her musical talents were natured in church and at home by her mother.

Blu*3 which is now blu3 was a girl band that was formed by the 3 winners of Cocacola popstars uganda in 2005 and managed by stevejean who is acknowledged as a strong force in Cindy's life till this day.The members were cinderella sanyu, Lilian Mbabazi and Jaki chandiru.BLU*3 went on to become Africa's biggest female group and toured africa eg kenya,tanzania, Burundi,Nigeria,South Africa,Ghana etc.Due to a misunderstanding Cindy had to leave the group in 2008 and ready or not Cindy embarked on a solo career.

n 2008,Cindy appeared in the list of "artistes to watch in 2009" during the PAM awards.In 2009 Cindy won the award for female artiste of the year in the DIVA awards and This year 2010,Cindy is the teenies' dancehall artiste and best female artiste of the year. In 2008,the first year of her solo career,Cindy released her debu single Mbikooye which got lots of airplay all over East Africa and also on Channel O.She went on to release other singles like nawewe and outta my mind which did well on the charts too but the song that gave her that extra push as she calls it was 'u and me featuring Psquare."Psquare was opening for Akon when i met them and my PR at that time managed to slip my cd into their hands and they LOVED it so when i asked them to work with me they agreed almost immediately" Cindy says.U and me was a massive hit all over East Africa and on youtube. During this time,cindy did promotional tours in uganda,kenya,tanzania,rwanda,Drc congo and burundi where she also represented uganda in the miss tourism Africa beauty pageant.she has also toured uk,sweden,denmark,dubai,sudan. In 2009;Cindy released her biggest song so far called "ayokyayokya" which went straight to number 1 on local radios and in all tv stations in uganda and also on East Africa tv.It was also played on channel O and and only, was released in january 2010 and slowly climbed to number one too.she has never stopped since then.

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